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3 Little Kittens October 7, 2008

We are currently fostering 4 kittens from one of the county’s animal shelters. They are just soo adorable. They just needed to be plumped up to be able to be on the “adoption floor” and no other issues, usually URI (upper respiratory infection) is very common in fostering situations.

Before we brought them home I kept seeing over and over again the commercials for that animated Star Wars movie and so when Hubby brought them home and they started playing….star wars’ names poped in my head. First the little tigger one with the black nose started climbing the cage and shuffling all around the top so I thought of Skywalker and not wanting to seem to obvious and dork like I shortened it to Skyler. Then the other tigger one just kept stumbling and being clumsy so…Binks-short for Ja Ja Binks. Now you probably think “jeez” but honestly I havn’t even seen all of the Star Wars movies and it wasn’t until the past 2 years and thanks to Hubby that I saw my first one! So then comes the “oh so sweet” kitten, just a fluffy ball of grey with these innocent green eyes…Great now pounce! For this sweet and sour personality Anikin came to mind and yet again shortened..Ani. Yep it was alright Ani, we didn’t know the gender since they are young and staff never told us. Until Last week and Ani is a boy! Eh, 1.Not like a cat ever really comes when you’re calling in the first place unless one of your hands has some treats in them and 2. How many people actually keep the name of a pet they get from someone/where else?… And last there was the little “cow” kitten, we really thought he was a she at first since it didn’t look like the other’s stuff down there and I was stumped on a name so Padmae it was. And I thought Ani was bad once we found out he was a he, poor Padmae…now I know for sure his name will be changed. Punkyroo already knows all their names so it’d be confusing to change Padmae’s now so it’s to stay for a while longer. Sorry Padmae.hehe.

So I found a home for Ani and he adoption application through the shelter went great! Yay, 1 kitty homed, 3 to go. I tried asking people I know and if they know of anyone but nothing. So when we had  to take them back to the shelter to get checked up on they asked if we woulnd’t mind fostering for longer seeing they’d be just kept in the back, no public eyes to see, until there was space on the adoption

floor because they were so packed! So they are back home with us, better than staying there and getting sick.


Hubby would rather have them here then in the back but he was looking foward to a break from extra responsibility.  Punkyroo was happy though to have them back home. She’s really opened up to them within the past week! So on the hunt for furever homes for 3 little kittens!


2 Responses to “3 Little Kittens”

  1. Lori and son Zachary Says:

    Hi do you still have the 3 kittens? Do you have any better pictures we could see? What is the location of the kittens? We are in Springfield, and would be interested in a visit to check them out. You can reach Lori @ 217-494-5995 this weekend would be great. During the week it is better to catch me after 5:30. Zack is very anxious to hear back from you. Thanks

  2. niftymom Says:

    I’m sorry to say I just returned the kittens to the shelter yesterday, they just weren’t getting the exposure to possible adopters they can at the shelter. I’m sad and wish we could have found them all homes and not have to stay a minute there. But we did check on them today and all 3 are still there. Here is my web album of some more picts of the kittens
    The location is in Melbourne. If you are on 95 and get off the Eau Gallie exit (sorry I don’t know the number) you’ll take a right if you are going South and go past the flea market, it will be on your left hand side.

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