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Breast Cancer Charities, my eyes are opened October 14, 2008

Last year Hubby, Punkyroo and I did the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Walk as a group with my Mom group and last year we decided to make it a yearly tradition. My Aunt dealt with breast cancer years ago and my step mom was diagnosed when Hubby and I was starting to plan our wedding almost 4 years ago, luckily she has been in remission for almost 3 years now. So we thought this would be a great way to show support both of them and other women. It was a blast and PUnkyroo loved walking and she was getting so much extra attention with the unique onesie I designed for her that said “save the milk makers” since she was/is breastfeed (Yup over 2 years and still nursing my beautiful daughter and proud of it). I think we had a good 10 or so people wanting to take picts of her in that onesie!!


So of course it’s time for this year’s breast cancer walk and I just stumbled across this article from a section in PETA saying that alot of the Breast Cancer charites fund animal testing!! My bunny boys would bite me if they knew that! LOL. So needless to say this will be our last year doing the walk with this charity. Now I know if I was to donate to a BC charity I have a list of animal-testing-free ones! It just kinda stinks because it was a beginging of a family tradition (but in the same sense hopefully not too long since we want a cure but you get my drift). We’ll just have to look for something else. Here is the link to the article

Its just amazing what turning Vegan opens your eyes too, it’s goes so much farther than just food. WHen I first heard vegan I never thought of leather, gelatin (come on I would inhale smores like no tommorow and then to find out what they were made out of was just sickening), cosmetics, lotions, clothes, candles the list goes on…


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