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Been snow-tracked, I mean side-tracked October 23, 2008

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So I havn’t posted anything Vegan related in a few days …I know VeganMofo and all but something awesome took me by suprise the other day. Hubby suggested a mini vacation to go see snow this winter! YAY woo hoo, can you see me doing back flips?! Being born in a snowy state for the first 6 years of my life and visting family in the winter , I miss the snow. How long has it been you may be wondering… hmm since I first got engaged so that like Dec 04! My snowboard is sad and lonely in the corner of the garage collecting dust, man do I really want to hang it up on the wall inside the house but not the point. I LOVE boarding and I LOVE the snow, but not enough to live in it and shovel it. Maybe when I was younger and that’s what the parents are for to do the shoveling and just chuck a few snowballs at them from time to time doing so. So now you see my level of excitement. So these past few days have been searching around for place to go and a place to stay that is child friendly.

Let me tell you one thing, being a Vegan not to mention a Vegan mom of a toddler trying to find a country cabin that will accomodate a child safety wise and not have animal heads plastered at all four walls of each room was a little taskfull. I’m hoping Hubby and I can come to some solution soon. But every part of the day is spent thinking of seeing Punkyroo in the snow, will she love it and try to eat the snow, maybe, will she freak out and want to be held, maybe. I am very happy at the time for her last 2 year old molar just broke gum! YAY! She is a very good tempered toddler except when she’s teething. If she has tantrums we know right off the bat she’s teething without even having to look. So yay the teething tantrums will be done by the vacation! But the car ride will be another battle. So he goes a bedtime drive and hopefully will cover good ground during her slumber.

Another issue involving being in Florida and trying to get snow wear for a family. Luckily for me I still have my boarding clothes, yep that’s right 22 year old wife and mom will be rockin the jester hat and a black and red flame jacket! But as the others go finding snow stuff in florida isn’t an easy task for the obvious reasons. And to honestly think anyone especially now will pay $60 for a snow jacket for a 2 year old is nuts, ok if you live in snow that’s one thing but to see winter coats in FL stores for so much! Crazy people. So off to kid closet stores and such I go. 

(that’s me WOOOhooo)

And if you wonder “why woundt she stay with her family since they live in the snowy states?” The answer is Hunters and smokers. All my family are hunters, Vegan, Hunters..Vegan, Hunters. Yeah I don’t see myself sleeping to well with my Grandpa’s Stuffed Bear stalking me or his cougar seeking revenge in the other. Or my cousins multiplle deer heads on the wall. And with Punkyroo and for us we can’t stay with smokers, it makes us so sick to our stomachs.


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