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Vegan Hot Wings… November 2, 2008

So this is my second time making Seitan, the first was with the “chicken fried steak” that I accidently messed up but turned out yummy, thankfully, and this time is in Vegan Dad’s Chickenless Hot Wings. (Please forgive the terrible picture of these)

These were pretty faster to make then I thought they’d be. I couldn’t think of what to serve these with so I cooked up some mixed veggies with a sauce pack that came with it that turned out to be very spicy. With that said, Punkyroo and Hubby didn’t touch the veggies after their first taste so I steamed some broccoli, but they both devoured the hot wings. Myself on the other hand an undecided about them, I like the outside crunch and spice but the inside just was different. Not saying they were bad but neither great but maybe I’m just not a seitan lover like most vegans I know. I’ll have to make them again another time since Hubby and PUnkyroo liked them. We were used to dipping pre-vegan hot wings in ranch so I just grabbed some mustard to dip these in and it worked good, I guess as long as you’re a mustard person.


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