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Fostered kittens update November 5, 2008

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So many of you read that my family were fostering some kittens from our local County run shelter and we had taken them back to the shelter to get a better chance of adoption. Well here is the update:

We went there the next day and all three were there.. but Hubby stopped by on his way home from work yesterday and said Padma was adopted and Skyler had an “adoption pending” note! Yay! Hopefully Binks gets adopted soon as well.


I have to say it’s bittersweet letting our foster animals go but thats the only way we can help so many. A couple that was adopting one of our previous foster pups asked me “how can you do this, aren’t you sad to see them leave”, since I had a smile on my face, I guess he thought I should be braking down in tears but the thing is that that pup didn’t have to spend more than 10mins at the shelter and that was in his new companion’s arms! How can I not be happy about that?! It’s true it is a little sad but the worst is bringing them back to wait in a cage or kennel for days or weeks.

It’s great that since PUnkyroo is so small I can’t go out and volunteer but fostering gives us that chance to still help out and have Punkyroo included and to learn about different animals and ways to take care of them.


Here is a picture of the pups we fostered that I was talking about..

Fostered Pup-Daisy

Fostered Pups


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