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YAY! NO McCain-Palin!! November 5, 2008

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So this was my first time voting. I never liked politics, well actually I hated them and I still do.  Last night as I stood in line for 2 hours to vote, with my feet killing me and me having to pee, by the time I actually got to a booth  I knew who I was going to vote for and who I wasn’t.

I voted for a liberal underdog, Bob Barr. The tough things was though knowing how close it’d be here in my state if I should vote for Obama-Biden since there was absolutely no way I’d vote for McCain-Palin( I knew that from the start, especially with Palin behind him). But in the end I choosed what I wanted and just hoped while watching ABC that McCain would not be winning. So YAY!

I asked PUnkyroo while I was nursing her in bed who she thought would win Obama or McCain, even thought she’s 2 I was curious to what she’d say, and what do you know…Obama!


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