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Twilight the Movie November 6, 2008

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I used to be a HUGE watcher of any “supernatural” “scary” movie there was until I got prego and for some reason I just started getting bad nightmares from even a tiny little glimse of a trailer on TV. So I was sad to stop watching those movies but recently I’ve been able to start easing my way back again.

While doodling on the interenet I ran into Twilight the movie and it’s trailers (since I don’t watch tv, all my shows are online). And it looks really good, my favorite has always been the vampire movies out of those types of movies. The Interview was my first “scary” movie I saw and I was just hooked. Well anywho this movie looks good and I was reading that it’s based off of a book or books. So I’m probably going to try and see if I can sneak in the time to read this/these books before it comes out to rent so we can curl up in the bed and eat chips and salsa.

But here is a video someone put clips of the trailers together with a 3 days grace song, one of the many bands I like, that’s pretty good.


2 Responses to “Twilight the Movie”

  1. Heather Says:

    You’ll be hooked. I have a weakness for the paranormal and read a ton of those types of books. The Twilight series is excellent, but if I were you, I might see the movie first and then read the book. It’s one of those rare stories that the movie will never live up to. I’m wary of seeing this movie for that reason. I already don’t agree with the cast choices and I’m afraid I’ll be as judgemental and disappointed as I was seeing Tom Cruise play my beloved Lestat. By the way, if you need good recomendations for books, I have alot to give!

  2. niftymom Says:

    I’ll take you up on the advice to see the movie first then, since usually the book readers say to read then watch most of the time. Now what movie is that from…Lestat?

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