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The not so vegan,even vegetarian hubby November 7, 2008

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Well as I’ve wrote previously that I made the choice to go vegan and did not pressure Hubby to go vegan either but due to my changes he was unable to eat meat after reading the vegetarian kit mini mag. I told him though I would not cook it, if he wanted meat he’d have to cook it and he would never touch raw meat while cooking…. so I’m thinking hubby is vegan well atleast vegetarian since he doesn’t have issue with dairy products until today…

I caught him red handed or should I say pocket. Punkyroo and I greeted him in the driveway when he got home and as he walked around the car to clean out a spill from his water jug I saw a piece of papper taped to his back pocket. Well knowing the guys at work I figured they were just doing their little stupid things. Well I take it off and saw it was a Burger King receipt for a chicken sandwich and other stuff. Then I thought it really might be his so I asked and he said he didn’t make his lunch and he got it! Here all these past 6 months I’ve thought he’s been without animal meat and then to say he’s ordered some a few times! I feel like an affair just happend or something (well the secrecy of one).. an affair with a poor piece of animal that died to go in his stomach. Poor chicken. I know I told him to make it if he wanted it but I was still going to make him get free- range organic meat if he had to have it not one that most likely was kept in a tiny filthy cage.

It’s just getting to that point now where even the smell of cooked meat makes me feel sick now, where some fried chicken smelled ohhh so good. It’s just amazing how things have changed in just 6 months.


7 Responses to “The not so vegan,even vegetarian hubby”

  1. roo Says:

    Not that it’s much condolendence, Burger King buys a percentage of its stuff from producers who are cage-free and don’t use sow gestation crates. But I don’t know the exact numbers or any of that stuff.

    The first few years I was with my husband he had no intentions of giving up meat. I knew that going into the relationship so I didn’t even entertain the idea. But after time, he said he wanted to go vegan without me ever saying a word. Now he’s all hardcore!

    Just keep setting the example.

  2. niftymom Says:

    Well that’s good about Burger King. I never looked up the facts about them since I gave up meat and all I heard of was KFC so I told Hubby that I’m not mad it’s just funny that he didn’t tell me but I draw the line at KFC. lol, which he says he never liked them anyways..

    plus he can eat meat off of a bone …pre-vegan we went to Medievil Times and I pulled all his meat off the bone for him, lol.

    I think once I get a good week or 2 worth of good hearty dinners he likes then he’ll be better but with this experimental cooking I’m doing he’s been eh. He’s the type that could have the same dinners every week.

  3. Heather Says:

    Yeah, it’s tough. Nate still eats meat and has no intention of giving it up. He is fully aware of how animlas are treated and just doesn’t care. He even worked in a poultry factory and told ME some horror stories. He just does not care and sometimes gets offended if he feels like I’m forcing my veganism on him. I still hold out hope that he’ll one day see the light, but it’s looking grim over here.

  4. stabbybateman Says:

    It’s hard to accept some people’s ‘realist’, hypocritical, seemingly compassion-lacking reasoning. And I don’t believe we should.

  5. niftymom Says:

    I am fine with his choice because it’s his and I told him up front I didn’t expect him to go my way if he doesn’t want to but it just shocked me when after he told me he’s not going to eat meat anymore (from his own choice)that he did and didn’t tell me. I understand especially lately alot of the new meals I’ve tried he hasn’t liked at all.

  6. roo Says:

    Yeah I saw that Burger King thing on Oprah last week.

    My ex husband wasn’t veg at all and he’s the father of my 2 older kids. Life with him was fine but afterwards…. not so much!

    It proves so difficult now when they go to visit him because him and his family deliberatly attempt to feed them meat and cheese. Yet they wonder why the kids are sick the whole vist. They even tease them about being vegans. I absolutly hate sending them for those few weeks out of the summer.

  7. niftymom Says:

    Roo- That stinks about your ex. Hopefully someday he’ll realize what he’s putting your kids through.

    Luckily I havn’t had issues with my family, just a few jokes from a couple but not bad seeing since almost all my side are hunters! {gulp}

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