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County Fair November 9, 2008

Yesterday we headed down to the county’s annual Fair and it was alot of fun. Then you have the Vegan side of me… wow… things that you notice when you’re vegan. But I’ll get to that after all the good stuff.

County Fair

It was so nice, the perfect day to get out and ride some rides. Punkyroo loved the tall slide you sit on a hemp sack and slide down, the merry go round, ferris wheel and {gulp} dizzy dragons. I didn’t think Punkyroo would be able to actually pull the wheel thingy to make it go that fast!! I was so queezy. I LOVE roller coasters but I can’t take the things you sit and spin yourself. Anywho it was really nice and we stayed there ALOT longer than we planned on but it was worth it. Another really awesome thing that happened was.. nursing my little girl while on the ferris wheel. What could be a prettier view while nursing than all the lights of the fair, the cool breeze and a perfectly happy child? 

Berry Go Round

On the extended nursing in public issue… Hubby and I got into a debate type of talk a few weeks ago about nursing in public without a cover and I think that fussed me more to be confiedent in doing so. Don’t get me wrong he’s completely supportive he’s just more on the jelous side since he thinks they are “his”.LOL. But when I first had punkyroo I was more hesitant due to my own comfort level and Hubby wanting me to cover as well and I just got used to it but as time goes by and a fidgety baby reveals yourself and more nursing support from other bf moms I grew to accept not to worry about it and feel more comfortable with the main goal. Nourishing my daughter. I like the phrase “Put a blanket over your head while you eat” . With all the images of sex everywhere and even hidden in children movies nursing my child is the least of someone’s staring/glaring eye’s worries. Well now that I’m done with that off subject….

The vegan side of a fair..

Petting farm, food and even some rides… Even if we didn’t bring a ton of snacks the only possible choice for something to eat at the fair would have been corn on the cob and fries!! Between the turkey legs, chicken on a stick, ice cream, floats, burgers, etcc and then all the sugar stuff we don’t let Punkyroo eat like cotton candy, funnel cake, etc there is nothing to eat! It’d be nice if they could atleast start to involve 1 item for vegans at a fair, not asking the whole food genre change but atleast to include something that could sustain us if we were hungry.

They had a set up to teach you how to milk a cow and pre-vegan I would have jumped right in to see what it’s like but not now. They even had a fake cow with utters to “milk” for the kids! A seeting to wrangle a steer’s head with a laso and all. So what did we choose to do? Straight to the corn cob box! Punkyroo had a blast playing with the corn cob box thats made just like a sand box, we had to pull her out she had so much fun.

Fair Nights

One last thing to add to this long post today is the smoking. Have you ever noticed (well if you have a kid) that 98% of the workers smoke?! Its not the “take a cigarette break” smoke. They smoke while manning the rides. It wouldn’t be bad if just didn’t allow the workers who manned the kid’s rides to smoke but they don’t. The main rides we went on, every single time the same worker was smoking and we were there for 5 hours!! Yes we were outside but when they are under a tent and nothing but little kids all around waiting for minutes and inhaling the smoke..that’s not good. I think the smoke made me more sick than the dizzy dragons. But my opinion is either make a designated smoking area or not allow any smoking by the kid’s ride. It’s a family event not a bar. And I know any smoker who reads this wont like it but eh that’s my opinion.


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