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Tagless clothing bad now too? November 12, 2008

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So one of the blogs I read EnviroMom has a post about tagless clothing you know those ohh so cofortable shirts with no tag on the back of the neck? Well they are not so comfortable to some out there that are getting severe rashes from the stuff in the ink for the imprint.

Do we seriously have to have everything in our life we touch be dagerous to our health? Toys, bottles, pesticides in food, vaccines, and th elist goes on. And notice alot of the stuff is for babys and kids?!!  What ever gets the companys that dollar right? {who cares who’s using this because I wont be, so use whatever is the cheapest even if it’s toxic and that’ll do} seriously feels like the mindset of some of these places.

But back on the subject at hand the taggless imprints…. If you go to this blog you’ll read of a post from a mom who’s baby had a bad reaction and stuff she found out, even being contacted by an insider who works with the product and they had this to say..

“One is a plastisol type, which is the same basic material that the large designs on the front of t-shirts is made of… the ink is a PVC blended into a phthalate… at a certain temperature the PVC melts and the 2 components form a solid… that solid is transferred to the shirt with heat and pressure… this type of ink is on the way out as phthalates are now being classified as hazardous… residual phthalate from not fully fused ink is what is most likely causing the reaction.

The other type of ink is a solventborne polyurethane that is post cured via a catalyst… typically a polyisocyanate… this ink can have 2 possible irritants… small levels of formaldehyde in the urethane or residual polyisocyanate that is left unreacted…”

So just becareful and keep an eye on that area of your baby because I don’t think if this happened to Punkyroo that I would have thought that that might be the source. We are lucky so far and escpecially with her eczema. But It’s true, look around and now its hard to find tagless less. So hopefully they will find a newer and non-toxic method of these tagless tags.


One Response to “Tagless clothing bad now too?”

  1. elinorloewen Says:

    Thanks for this post, I’ll have to keep it bookmarked so I can link it when some loony throws up on my blog.

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