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Vegan Winter meal Suggestions November 12, 2008

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Ok in one of my past posts I wrote that we will be going to see snow for the first time in 4 years so that means the very first time for Punkyroo. Well due to the temperature we’ll be staying in, of course we’ll have heat, but something to cook up and warm us from the inside after a good play in the snow.

That’s where you come in. Anyone who has really yummy warm/hearty recipes please share with me or give me the link to your recipe, in the comment box. We’ll be there for 7 days and I’m planning to prep as much as I can before hand.

I do have one meal for sure I’m bringing and that’s my Creamy Chili. I made this the other night and reminded me how sold I am on this soup I came up with.

1.Dinner-Creamy Chili

2.Lunch- Creamy Chili



So I’m ready for any suggestions. I am trying all recipes before I go and they must past the picky Hubby and Punkyroo and I are pretty easy to please. SO if your recipe passes I will post your recipe and your name or blog (whichever you prefer) on the Week Calendar above.


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