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Hah! Micheal Vick is a funny one November 15, 2008

…In a recent article I just read Micheal Vick seriously thinks he’s going to play quarter back again once he gets out of jail!! He is a funny one. What team would seriously be that greedy plus risky to hire him on? To show kids and people out there that what he did gets a slap on the wrist and then oh OK you can play now, uh negative! That would be a terrible message to send.

What he did was dispicable and honestly he would not of confused this if he wasn’t caught. so to say sorry, pay the money to rehabilate the poor dogs whose life wasn’t tortured to death and spend less than 2 years in jail just doesn’t cut it. Only a person so weak and pityful would do what he has done to these dogs.

But it is nice to hear of all the stuff he is loosing due to everything that has happened. His yachts, farms, houses! Makes me get a nice warm feeling inside for the dogs that were unfortunate enough to have known Vick to know they are in loving homes and he is loosing everything. People like him need to have the crap scared out of them to stop these acts.

Honestly for football’s sake that they never deal with Vick again. I will truely be sadend, due to the facts so many kids look up to the players.

To me, Vick should have receive FAR FAR FAR more time in jail.

Isn’t it crazy how someone can kill someone and get life or the death sentence but so many of his dogs were tortured beyond belief pre-meditated and knowing the outcome-killed and straight killing on purpose and get little over a year in jail! Ridiculous!


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