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Carrot Soup November 16, 2008

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I know I havn’t posted any recipes lately but I’ve been meaning to….

While having the Vegan with a Vengance in my clutches I decided to try the carrot soup in it. Hubby looked at me like I was nuts when I told him the 3 bags of organic carrots were for the one soup! This was pretty easy to make and that was wonderful. Unfortunately my blender kicked the bucket on me while I was puree half of the soup so it’s more like 1/3 got pureed. I never realized how much I used my blender until it’s gone. But this was pretty much consumed by me, Punkyroo and Hubby had a very little bit of it so I was left to eat it all by myself, which wasn’t bad it was just alot of soup! Next time I’m freezing half of it for later. This soup was really creamy and flavorful, the coconut milk was a nice flavor boost and carrots when cooked get even sweeter so to have a natural sweetened dish was excellent!

Carrot Soup


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