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LOST begins in January!!! November 19, 2008

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Ok so my FAV tv show will be starting again in January and I CAN”T wait. I love the weird, unknown, lure-you-in, twisting story that is Lost. I first saw the preview in the theaters and thought “wow this will be a great movie” and then it says premeiring on ABC! WHAT! That was so wrong since at the time Hubby and I didn’t have cable since we just played PS2 and watched dvds. So to say the least I was bummed. Then one day my Father In Law said he bought the series on Dvd and let us borrow it…I was Hooked!!! I was so pulled in that I think I seriously watch the whole set in 4 days!! Luckily my FIL bought the next series as well and then after that ABC started their online player.yay! 
I’m seriously curious to well about everything but inspecific about the Island itself after the “move”?!! Hmmm.. Can’t wait for that 2 hour premeire!

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