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Punkyroo’s first trike November 23, 2008

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Rollin (rollin).Rollin (rollin).Rollin on Recycle!

Green Bike

So Punkyroo was noticing all the people with bikes while we’d be out or in our yard and especially the little kids at the playgrounds with their little trikes, so Hubby and I realized it’d be good to get her a trike. We’ll we looked around and  there weren’t any trikes that looked in a safe condition to buy second hand so went to the store and there we found a cute green trike that was made with recycled material! Awh and it had a Go Green sticker on it too! Just too stinkin cute. So hmm.. the green trike was the same price as the others that weren’t made from recyleable material (well by a few cents) and with us trying to make everything we buy now with the environment and our health in mind it was a no brainer for us.

But Punkyroo absolutely LOVES this bike…I like how it will fold in half so it’s easier to fit in the trunk! She asks to ride it everyday. Also since our driveway has a somewhat slant to it it’s alot more fun when mommy has to chase you on the bike! hehe. It’s so goofy to see toddlers and their reactions…when she first got on and didn’t know how to peddle she tried to bite the handle bar gripper! Atleast she doesn’t have this issue with people!


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