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New Cloth Diapers in!!! November 26, 2008

Well Punkyroo is still potty training. She’ll have an accident here and ther but mainly its right when she wakes up is when she’ll pee. Since we do disposables/cloth/training undies I can’t wait for it to be done but she’ll get there in her own time.

In the beginging we tried the Elimination Communication (EC) and was doing great but then we moved and it got put on the back burner and EC is something you have to stick to and make a #1 priority so that kind of back fired. I do have to say it was good since she was used to the potty seat but it was harder to get her to sit on it. And here is the deal I HATE disposables…the waste, chemicals and the money that we are litteraly throwing away, but Hubby loves them. He hates dealing with cloth and training undies that have pee and poop in them. So you see the battle I deal with.

So we were getting close to the end of the 3rd “last box” of diapers and I was determined to it finally being the last but convincing Hubby to make that choice as well would be hard. Since Punkyroo wasn’t fully there I wanted to buy a few cloth diapers since the ones we were using, she outgrew. So I atleast convinced Hubby to get a couple new cloth but I guess if I got my way he’d get his too…more disposables. blah.

Here’s the deal during the day Punkyroo does great in training undies and goes in the potty chair but during naps and bedtime she’ll have an accident if I’m not quick enough to get her.Even when we go out just her and I she’ll go on the toilet BUT when Hubby is home or we all go out there’s a 50/50 chance she’ll tell us she has to go or have an accident and that’s why Hubby wants more disposables.

But anywho to my main point…. I got a couple of BumGenius One Size Organic diapers! They are awesome!!! I ordered them from a fellow WAHM’s  (in my mom’s group) store called Earth Angel Diaper Co. When I can I try to buy/support local WAHM. These are supper super soft! I was looking for an AIO that was organic or bamboo. And these were it! They are more expensive then most but the great thing is that they snap to 3 levels to fit the 3 sizes (except for tiny newborn) so the price is well worth it since you can use them alot longer than normal ones!! It’s so funny PUnkyroo loves them so much she’d rather wear them then her big girl undies!! I have to say these are sooo much better than are previous ones.


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