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May you finally have Peace March 6, 2009

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Last post I mentioned I went to see my grandparents who were in Hospice. At the time the doctors only gave them a very short time to live. It’s sad to see them the way they were mainly because they were in such pain that not even their pain meds (which included morphine) could hel. It was they time to pass as much as none of the family wanted them to leave, we wanted them to have peace. Well as of yesterday my grandma passed on, the day after her 89th birthday. She was an amazing woman with many talents won lots of trophies for dog shows, chochet, knit, sew, cook, garden, helped alot with the church( she would crochet bundles of botties, blankets, caps, outfits for new babies for free).  She was a wonderful grandmother and even when I found out that my grandparents adopted my mom I never doubted their love, they loved unconditionally as I was their biological granddaughter. I have so many great memories with them and on their land that I will never forget. While I was up I was given the choice to bring some things home if I wanted some of which included blankets and a pillow she made, pictures and some nicknacks of things like squirels and birds that she loved to feed and watch while she knitted or crocheted and now those are in my daughters room given much attention and love to and she’ll tell you that the cardinall in the stained glass piece was her grandma’s favorite or that she would feed the squirrels like the figure she has and that the pillow she must have in her crib was made by her. They may not match with things but the sentiment and memories connected to it is so more important.

May You Find Peace Whereever You May Be

Grandma Emma

You Will Be Forever Loved and Never Forgotten


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