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Unschooling May 26, 2009

Passion Flower and Gulf Frutillary Butterfly in my backyard

I have to say deciding to unschool was one of the most easiest things choose to do. Yes doing the research and contemplation about it was long but once I took all the info in I knew this was for our family.

A while back I posted unschooling groups for my county all over trying to find atleast one other unschooling parent and I pretty much gave up hope until a mom in my natural mom’s group posted under my unschooling thread on the forums!! She said there are a few that get together at the park every week! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!??? I was looking all over just one spot I didn’t think of to look and there they were!  So we decided to head on down and meet other unschoolers.

Of course I ended up writing the wrong day and the next week something else came up but finally we made it.  Luckily hubby had off and joined us, which I think really helped him. It was so nice all the moms are so nice and the kids are wonderful. The age range was very nice from 5 all the way to the teens! All the kids played, except Punkyroo as cautious as shy is but she still loves watching other kids playing and then playing with us.

Getting to sit down and talk to other moms, especially ones that have been doing it for years and finding out more details about the one last thing I was worried about but not really ….registery with the county, but knowing that I can unschool without having my child stressed out and graded to a system that makes no sense is such a weight of my shoulders. 

It was so cute though another unschooling family walked up and the boy was so excited to play with the other kids but also to see the other parents!! He ran over and started stalking to the parents and then off to play! It was so nice to see how the children and adults interacted. The whole time I was there I felt at ease, that this is part of me and who I am and who my family is.

On another Unschooling note….Dayna Martin has a book coming out!!! Yay!!  Radical Unschooling-A Revolution Has Begun…. what an awesome title!  I can’t wait!


3 Responses to “Unschooling”

  1. sixhotpeppers Says:

    Hi, I just found your blog while browsing WordPress. I am in the process of learning a little more about this right now. I find it highly interesting. The only thing that stops me is I don’t think I would be fully committed. And, I know this would be needed. From what I see, beyond what most outsiders ‘see’, unschooling seems actually harder than traditional homeschooling and requires continual attention. I do love the whole idea and find it so interesting…

    • niftymom Says:

      I had the same feeling but realized we were unschooling ever since Punkyroo was born. She liked animals so we got animal books and went to the zoo, and told her as much as we knew about the ones she really liked. It’s just that finding what they like and trying to give them as much of it that they love as possible to learn from, especially when they are older they will most likely be doing alot of their “learning” by themselves. Good luck, in finding out what is best for you and your family and what works!!!

  2. I was homeschooled from 1st-9th grade! It totally worked for my brother and I 🙂 My mom taught us at home, and we learned SO much. By the time I got to high school, I was far ahead. I started taking classes at the community college when I was 16, and I ended up graduating from Ohio State when I was 19 🙂 Now I’m working full time in a marketing job that I LOVE 🙂 I’m thinking about going back to school for my masters, but we’ll see!

    Good luck with the unschooling!

    (p.s. I found your blog from Vegan Sunshine!)

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