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Crazy life December 21, 2010

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Ok so for all of those who have read my blog, I’m sorry I dropped off the face this computer it’s been crazy this past year.
Some new things include:
*Coming into a great homeschool group that is open and understanding of my unschooling ways.
*I have taken back up a part time job at night after (so hubby can watch our daughter).
*Reconnecting and mending breaks with some family members.
*And the biggest thing that is new as in only a month new… I became liscensed to be a Zumba fitness Instructor!!

Ok so honestly after writing that out it doesn’t seem alot to keep me away from this blog for a year but I guess it has. And thank you for those who have been reading my blog and wrote me some nice emails asking if I’m alright or if I got carried away but some crazy ninjas and to the newbies to my blog for all the nice words about my blog ❤ I'm hopeing to be able to keep more active with it now that things are a litlle more mellowed out. KNOCK ON WOOD!


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