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What is this about? October 6, 2008

This about myself, a young wife and mom trying to do the best for my family and enjoy life. From issues on taking care of a 2 year old to gardening, or should I say trying to garden! It’s just my family and how we live. Everyday can be a new adventure..just depends on how you look at it.



Also if you were wondering…No, my daughter’s name is not Punkyroo but that is her name for my blog as well as Hubby for my husband!

Some of the things you might read about? Hmm…lets see

  • Babywearing
  • Advocacy of Breastfeeding, extended breastfeeding
  • Organic gardening
  • Unschooling (AKA natural learing, child-led learning)
  • Veganism and recipes
  • Living with bunnies
  • Crafts, for the kids and the kid inside us all
  • “Green” changes in our household
  • Advocacy of No-kill animal shelters
  • Animal rights

And many more….


3 Responses to “What is this about?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Hi! I just stumbled across your blog on a search for ‘extended breastfeeding in brevard county.” I’m the mama of an almost 2 year old and am looking for some like minded mamas in the area…any suggestions? The longer I breastfeed, the less support I have from my peers and it’s driving me to seek support elsewhere! I really am enjoying your blog…still exploring the many topics of interest to me! Thanks for sharing!

    • niftymom Says:

      Kelly, that’s awesome that you still breastfeed! My daughter just weaned herself shortly after her 3rd bday.I understand about the longer you go the less support you get. It seems that people are comfortable you nursing up until the time they stopped, not all but that’s what it seems like from my personal side. If it was to my step mom it’d only be when she was 6months, another fam member was 2 years, so I just told them I’m letter her decide when she’s ready and after a few times they stopped making comments. Have you looked at Brevard Natural Moms? I’m a part of the mom’s group and they are so wonderful and all are big supporters of breastfeeding and most self-weaning. Good Luck and I hope the people around you become more supportive or atleast you find others, but check out Brevard Natural Moms!

  2. Jessica Says:

    hi, I love you blog and Im currently trying to go back to being vegitarian. How do i subscribe to your blog?

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