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May you finally have Peace March 6, 2009

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Last post I mentioned I went to see my grandparents who were in Hospice. At the time the doctors only gave them a very short time to live. It’s sad to see them the way they were mainly because they were in such pain that not even their pain meds (which included morphine) could hel. It was they time to pass as much as none of the family wanted them to leave, we wanted them to have peace. Well as of yesterday my grandma passed on, the day after her 89th birthday. She was an amazing woman with many talents won lots of trophies for dog shows, chochet, knit, sew, cook, garden, helped alot with the church( she would crochet bundles of botties, blankets, caps, outfits for new babies for free).  She was a wonderful grandmother and even when I found out that my grandparents adopted my mom I never doubted their love, they loved unconditionally as I was their biological granddaughter. I have so many great memories with them and on their land that I will never forget. While I was up I was given the choice to bring some things home if I wanted some of which included blankets and a pillow she made, pictures and some nicknacks of things like squirels and birds that she loved to feed and watch while she knitted or crocheted and now those are in my daughters room given much attention and love to and she’ll tell you that the cardinall in the stained glass piece was her grandma’s favorite or that she would feed the squirrels like the figure she has and that the pillow she must have in her crib was made by her. They may not match with things but the sentiment and memories connected to it is so more important.

May You Find Peace Whereever You May Be

Grandma Emma

You Will Be Forever Loved and Never Forgotten


Flying first time since married and this is my luck March 3, 2009

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It’s been a crazy while around the house lately. I recently just got back from a longer than intended weekend in Michigan visiting family but mainly to see my grandparents in Hospice. Yep it was the first time away from my husband more then a normal day since we moved in together almost 5 years ago and of course the first time away from Punkyroo since she’s been born so it was interesting. Relaxing to get time from major responsibilities but I was wanting to get back to my family.

BUT, of course there’s a but…out of flying 2x a year form Florida to Michigan and back from age 10-18 I never had any airline troubles until of course now. I was first late for my flight, I seriously watched my plane pull away from the gate as the tram just got to the end, then I didn’t know I was on standby until I went to the gate desk, luckily I got it. Then I was told I was on standby again in Atlanta (my connection) just to be stressed out more and then told “oh no you’re not on standby”…4 hours of waiting stress for nothing.  So my original depature was at 7am with a connection wait of 45min and arrival at 11am, which turned into departing at 9am connection wait of 4 hours and arriving at 6-something pm! I wanted to make the most of the Friday-Sunday I’ll be there since I havn’t seen my sisters and stepmom since my wedding and dad since Punkyroo was 8months old. But the good thing about such a layover in Atlanta was enough time to go to Level to Level looking for a place to have something Vegan…Panda Express- Eggplant Tofu, steamed veggies and veggie srping rolls! Yum! Oh and a smoothie from a smootie stand!

Now on my way back I was ready to get back to Hubby and Punkyroo but what happens when I arrive at the airport?…. My flight was canceled due to snow storm in Atlanta!! So Monday morning I leave out, luckily they put me on a non-stop flight! But this made Hubby have to take another day off work. Oh and toppers, they told me because so many lfights were canceled to get there at 5:30am to get through the long lines to make my 7am flight and remind you this is a private airport I came and left in Michigan, so we get there at 5:30am and there was less people traffic than the night before!! Man I could have got 2 exta hours of sleep! But it did give me more time to talk to my dad before I left since Sunday was race day and good luck getting his attention or response from him then!lol.

Other than that stuff it was a good trip considering the reason I was mainly there. Atleast I was able to say goodbye to my grandparents before they passed.


I’m back February 6, 2009

Ok, so after a week of vaca and then getting back and a week of being sick I’m back!

We had a wonderful time in North Carolina, we stayed at this beautiful house, Eagle’s Nest-Eagle’s Lair, up on the mountains. Punkyroo got such a kick that tons of ladybugs were everywhere in the house. Don’t freak out, that’s the only bugs that were in the house. But we would collect as many as possible and release them outside and then a few hours later there’d be more, so she called it Lady Bug House and wants to go back she reminds us! It was also great finding a lodge to stay at in the mountains that wasn’t decorated with hunting or fishing stuff!

And a great topper was a well known cafe that specifically labels meals that are vegetarian AND VEGAN 10 minutes away, Lulu’s Cafe, it was great to have a take out menu to an vegetarian/vegan likings!! Bonus!! Although we didn’t go since we made our dinners but having that menu in the house and available was very nice.

It was a wonderful stay. The Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, Ripley’s Aquarium, Snow Tubing and SNOW BOARDING!! Oh yeah! After 4 years of no boarding I did really well and it was great to finally show Hubby in person myself boarding and Punkyroo was all excited and proud which made me feel really good. But it was a wonderful time, Hubby needed the vaca bad so that was nice to finally see him relax, since he works alot of weekends.

So I’ll get back to sharing recipes again soon, gave me time to try out some new ones, yummmm..

But one last thing, my last post was about the BNKC’s meeting….WE WON. All the commisioner’s voted YES!! Feb. 3rd was a wonderful turning point for the animals at the shelters. It wont happen over night of course but hopefully in 5 years we will be there!


Busy busy busy December 10, 2008

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As you may noticed I havn’t posted anything for the past week. I’ve been really busy with Hubby’s birthday, my little sister’s birthday, new camera battery died and the one we waited 2 weeks for isn’t the right one  and one of Hubby’s co-workers died(son of the boss and also part of the same hall that Hubby used to go to and Inlaws still do) so it’s been nuts.  Today I’m preparing to make a big soup (my creamy chili soup)to take over today for the family.

So hopefully I will be adding some really yummy recipes and recipe raves soon! Oh and I found some cool crafts for the moms that read my blog!


New Camera!! November 28, 2008

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Have you ever felt like either everything is together or falling apart? Well recently that is somewhat how I feel… first our blender bit the dust, then 3 tomato plants kicked the bucket and then our camera is on it’s last toe. Luckily we replaced our blender (yay I seriously used it like 6x yesterday) but since our camera still works (half the time but the lens cover never closes to prevent scratches and what not) we havn’t wanted to fork up the money for a new one, until today.

We went to a store just to check out prices and we had a camera in mind..until we saw a level up model but of course that meant more money. So we scoped out the paper and only one store had our camera on sale. And what a loving hubby I have to offer to go to the store before work and get it! I feel bad because he HATES situations like that but if we actually wanted to be able to buy that camera we’d have to make a hard choice to somehow get in the middle of the crazyness.

I have only ever traveled to a store on Black Friday once and it’s funny because it wasn’t even to buy something just to walk around so it wasn’t stressful for us, especially since it was later in the day.

So hubby called and announced he got it, EEEEeeeee!!! I’m so excited, no more of a camera deciding it doesn’t want to take a pict when it feels like it and no more wrapping the camera in a piece of fabric whereever we go!hehe.


Making your period green? November 24, 2008

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Ok if you are a guy you might just want to skip this post…

So if you are like many you have been making eco-friendly changes in your habits and things or you are planning on it. Well we all know the main this thrown at us from reusable grocery bags, light bulbs, water bottles and such but what about that dreadful time of the month. Yep making your period green!

Since I got prego with Punkyroo in Sept 2005 I didn’t have my period until Sept DivaCup storage bag and DivaCup2008! From pregnancy to nursing and then nursing and having the Mirena put in I was loving the free and carefree ways of not worring that I might leak. But when I had my Mirena taken out things went back to normal and I had to think about my period again, drats!!

As I was looking through the Frontier Co-op catalog I saw a thing called The DivaCup. Somehow this weird looking funnel cup thingy was for my period. How? I did not know. SO looking around I found it’s site and was reading. This thing is used for 1 year and creates wastes a split of a hair that of disposables! Yes it may seem pricey up front but just like cloth diapers it saves alot of money in the end. I calculated mine out and it was in the hundred range!! On average it estimates 100-$200 in savings for the average person. So combine that with the amount of waste you save and not to mention all the chemicals in and used to make the disposables I decided to get the DivaCup. I had also seen reusable pads and such but I’m going to give the DivaCup a try first since I was never a fan on pads.

Well I got my order in and a few DivaCup and DivaWashdays ago I finally got the chance to try out the DivaCup….and after a few days of getting used to inserting,cleaning and just the feeling I have to say I will not use disposables again! I do have to say it’s different at first but after some practice inserting is alot easier. Also the DivaWash (sold serperatly) smells soooo wonderful!! I recommend using the DivaWash with it, you only need a tiny tiny amount and you only need to wash the cup 2x a day. I think the funniest thing is that Hubby was so curious-grossed out about the idea of the cup atfirst. He asked so many questions when I told him about it as if he was going to be using it!LOL! But I really suggest these to anyone.


Tagless clothing bad now too? November 12, 2008

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So one of the blogs I read EnviroMom has a post about tagless clothing you know those ohh so cofortable shirts with no tag on the back of the neck? Well they are not so comfortable to some out there that are getting severe rashes from the stuff in the ink for the imprint.

Do we seriously have to have everything in our life we touch be dagerous to our health? Toys, bottles, pesticides in food, vaccines, and th elist goes on. And notice alot of the stuff is for babys and kids?!!  What ever gets the companys that dollar right? {who cares who’s using this because I wont be, so use whatever is the cheapest even if it’s toxic and that’ll do} seriously feels like the mindset of some of these places.

But back on the subject at hand the taggless imprints…. If you go to this blog you’ll read of a post from a mom who’s baby had a bad reaction and stuff she found out, even being contacted by an insider who works with the product and they had this to say..

“One is a plastisol type, which is the same basic material that the large designs on the front of t-shirts is made of… the ink is a PVC blended into a phthalate… at a certain temperature the PVC melts and the 2 components form a solid… that solid is transferred to the shirt with heat and pressure… this type of ink is on the way out as phthalates are now being classified as hazardous… residual phthalate from not fully fused ink is what is most likely causing the reaction.

The other type of ink is a solventborne polyurethane that is post cured via a catalyst… typically a polyisocyanate… this ink can have 2 possible irritants… small levels of formaldehyde in the urethane or residual polyisocyanate that is left unreacted…”

So just becareful and keep an eye on that area of your baby because I don’t think if this happened to Punkyroo that I would have thought that that might be the source. We are lucky so far and escpecially with her eczema. But It’s true, look around and now its hard to find tagless less. So hopefully they will find a newer and non-toxic method of these tagless tags.