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Video for the Omnis November 24, 2008

If you are a vegan or vegetarian you know all to well the comments and jokes we get about our humane choice. Well here is a video from the show 30 Days where a avid deer hunter stays with a vegan family (one daughter that works for PETA)for 30 days. During that time he is put in protests, works on a rescue farm, rescues a calf from a factory farm on near death. This is a great video to send to those who make comments and those jokes that let’s face it are just plain over down and annoying. This is a good video that’s not gory to make them turn it off but actually helps with explaining and the understanding of why we do what we do and that it’s a part of who we are and not a “phase”. I’d love to atleast see George go vegetarian but that is a choice and atleast he is aware and like most of us it starts small and then next thing you know BOOM we’re vegetarian and then not much longer it sparks and we’re vegan.


LOST begins in January!!! November 19, 2008

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Ok so my FAV tv show will be starting again in January and I CAN”T wait. I love the weird, unknown, lure-you-in, twisting story that is Lost. I first saw the preview in the theaters and thought “wow this will be a great movie” and then it says premeiring on ABC! WHAT! That was so wrong since at the time Hubby and I didn’t have cable since we just played PS2 and watched dvds. So to say the least I was bummed. Then one day my Father In Law said he bought the series on Dvd and let us borrow it…I was Hooked!!! I was so pulled in that I think I seriously watch the whole set in 4 days!! Luckily my FIL bought the next series as well and then after that ABC started their online player.yay! 
I’m seriously curious to well about everything but inspecific about the Island itself after the “move”?!! Hmmm.. Can’t wait for that 2 hour premeire!

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Fringe is my slightly LOST November 13, 2008

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I don’t know about you but I LOVE the show LOST, just the bizarre and curiousness of the show and not to mention its not the same them just switched with diffferent names and places with the same old plot and drama. But this season is a new series…FRINGE and I have to say I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but I do. So if you like weird, science stuff or atleast want a different change of pace from the same high school/courtroom drama check this out.  I like it also since I can watch it online whenever I want.

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Twilight the Movie November 6, 2008

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I used to be a HUGE watcher of any “supernatural” “scary” movie there was until I got prego and for some reason I just started getting bad nightmares from even a tiny little glimse of a trailer on TV. So I was sad to stop watching those movies but recently I’ve been able to start easing my way back again.

While doodling on the interenet I ran into Twilight the movie and it’s trailers (since I don’t watch tv, all my shows are online). And it looks really good, my favorite has always been the vampire movies out of those types of movies. The Interview was my first “scary” movie I saw and I was just hooked. Well anywho this movie looks good and I was reading that it’s based off of a book or books. So I’m probably going to try and see if I can sneak in the time to read this/these books before it comes out to rent so we can curl up in the bed and eat chips and salsa.

But here is a video someone put clips of the trailers together with a 3 days grace song, one of the many bands I like, that’s pretty good.