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YAY! I have a tomato! November 21, 2008

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Ok after loosing almost my whole (organic) garden to first the heat and then to cabage worms we actually get to enjoy literatly the fruit of our labors! Our first “big” tomato is almost red! We started off with zucchini, pumpkins, cherry tomato, parsley, lavendar, better boy tomato peas, carrots, and cantaloupe! NOW we only have 1 of 8 cherry tomato plants, 4 of 6 better boy tomato plants,  and 2 of 10 parsley plants! So we are very happy to be able to still get some of our veggies (Punkyroo eats all the cherry tomatos as soon as they ripen and havn’t had one since we first planted CT last year at the old house!). Poor Punkyroo, she’s used to eating them as soon as we pick anything of the vine and so she was crying a few times today because we have to wait until tommorow when it’s fully ripe, but she is so cute. I’m planning on moving the garden and hopefully we’ll get a compost ,(Hubby-hint hint wink wink) that I’ve been wanting so bad for a long while now, so I can fully prep our terrible sandy soil.