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New Camera!! November 28, 2008

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Have you ever felt like either everything is together or falling apart? Well recently that is somewhat how I feel… first our blender bit the dust, then 3 tomato plants kicked the bucket and then our camera is on it’s last toe. Luckily we replaced our blender (yay I seriously used it like 6x yesterday) but since our camera still works (half the time but the lens cover never closes to prevent scratches and what not) we havn’t wanted to fork up the money for a new one, until today.

We went to a store just to check out prices and we had a camera in mind..until we saw a level up model but of course that meant more money. So we scoped out the paper and only one store had our camera on sale. And what a loving hubby I have to offer to go to the store before work and get it! I feel bad because he HATES situations like that but if we actually wanted to be able to buy that camera we’d have to make a hard choice to somehow get in the middle of the crazyness.

I have only ever traveled to a store on Black Friday once and it’s funny because it wasn’t even to buy something just to walk around so it wasn’t stressful for us, especially since it was later in the day.

So hubby called and announced he got it, EEEEeeeee!!! I’m so excited, no more of a camera deciding it doesn’t want to take a pict when it feels like it and no more wrapping the camera in a piece of fabric whereever we go!hehe.