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Green Laundry November 29, 2008

Due to our family’s desire to be Eco-conscious and be away from chemicals as possible I’ve been looking and looking to find a way to get away from detergent. Also Punkyroo has Eczema. I’ve looked into Maggie’s Soap Nuts and asked other mom’s in my Natural Mother’s group and they said they work good for lightly soiled object but not so good for the tougher jobs..and with Hubby in the tiling business I need something to get all that gunk out.

While I was doing my daily “clicking to donate” (see links on the side for all the click to donate sites, all free and no spam junk, I came across this Magnetic Laundry System. It’s 2 magnets that go in your washer and it…

“Research by Physicist Dr. Hendrick Lorentz shows
that with the right magnetic fields, water molecules
(H20) are made to have similiar effects that detergent
chemicals do… in other words, they stick to other
tiny particles like dirt, and carry them off!”



So now I’m in waiting to see if anyone I know has tried these and how well they worked. We are planning on using the 7th Generation laundry detergent once our current one is empty since alot of my natural mom’s rave about it.


Obama…”green” white house November 28, 2008

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I was reading in the paper today about Obama wanting to make the white house “green”!! YAY!  Seriously if we talk and talk about making a healthier place to live, the President should have been the first to jump on board and do what he can around him, starting with where he lives. The interviewer asked a question like “so will you be going around at night turning off lights?”, now why not, if that is his choice then why not? It saves energy. Just because he’s the president doesn’t mean he can and should waste whatever he wants whereever he can.

I know here we make sure everything is only plugged into a socket when it needs to be used. No Ghost engergy suckers in this house! If it saves engergy, makes the world a little healthier and saves money than go for it. The even tiniest steps add up.

So I give kudos to Obama, I just hope it goes through.