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How I love my VTmagazine December 12, 2008

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this magazine, so many yummy recipes and I love their articles and like any magazine has awesome do dads and such that are finanically out of reach or a not-really-need that I get to drool over.

But anyways I made this a few nights ago, Unemployed Shephards Pie. This is made with eggplant as the main ingredient and Punkyroo and I give a thumbs up but Hubby doesn’t care for eggplant that much , quote from hubby “it’d be good without the onion….and the eggplant…” and I said ” oh so just the mash potatoes?!”  , Hubby “yep, sounds good!” ; My eyes are about to fall out from all the eye rollin by now. hehe.


Unemployed Shephards pie

To this day I’m still trying to find a recipe that my mom used to make, she barely cooked but one of her dishes between crazy diets was this eggplant casserole dish, it was sooo yummy I could almost each the whole thing. All I can remember was it having 1 or 2 eggplants peeled and diced up then boiled, then it having tomato sauce and also some crushed up saltine crackers?? If anyone knows of a similar recipe please let me know!!!


I’ll share my lunch.. October 8, 2008

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..recipe with you! Last night’s dinner was…disgusting, none of us liked it. So out came a veggie burger and edame beans for Punkyroo and Hubby ended up having something, I can’t remember and I had cereal. I know not the best meal but we decided to stop getting any frozen meals a while ago. Which at one time consisting of either a bag of ravioli, pizza or lasanga a week in case something was yucky with new recipes or I was unable for some reason to cook. Luckily for Punkyroo all her meals where healthy since we never gave her any fast food but every great once and a while she got a slim slice of frozen pizza. Isn’t it funny the stuff us parents will eat but not allow for our children to? I know not all but some do. It’s like “hey you can’t have this food it’s not good for you” but once they aren’t there cookies go down in a blink of an eye.  Ok I’m off topic again so here is the recipe for lunch PUnkyroo and I had yesterday…

ESTA(eggplant, spinach,tomato, avacodo) club sandwich

  • 2 slices of bread
  • Preferred amount of Vegan mayo and Mustard
  • 1 slice of vegan cheese
  • 2 thin slices of avacodo
  • 2 thin slices of tomato
  • 2 thin slices of pan-grilled eggplant
  • 1/4 cup spinach

*first of all, for the eggplant get a small eggplant and thinly slice it. Sprinkle both sides with a little bit of salt, pepper and paprika. Toss in a skillet on medium heat until lightly brown and flip over until cooked through. Set aside done eggplant slices.

Meanwhile your eggplant is cooking you can start making your sandwich. Take your 2 slices of bread and add your mayo and mustard as you please; I put mayo on bottom and mustard on top. THen place your cheese on the bottom slice, then add your eggplant, spinach, tomato and avacodo. Voila!

This was just what was in the fridge at the time and it turned out good. It passed Punkyroo’s approval so that works for me, and I actually ended up making myself a second sandwich!!