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Biden is Big dissapointment December 19, 2008

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Well I guess Biden isn’t on the same animal compassionate side as Obama. But Biden BOUGHT a german shephard dog from a breeder, also not confirmed yet but there is speculation that it may have been from a puppy mill breeder which would be even worse.

Is this a “must have before you move into the white house staff” thing is to have a dog? It almost seems as a accesorie to be there, why didn’t they gets dogs before? 

Well hopefully people wont run out to buy dogs just becausethe  Bidens and Obamas did/are. I saw a article saying that now that Obamas are thinking of getting a dog that people are going to go out and get one… are you serious???!

I know not very bright people have done this in even more ridicolous situations such as 101 Dalmations and then a little while latter the shelters/pounds are filled with dalmation dogs since they aren’t the cute puppies that were in the movie anymore. Seriously, would you buy your kid a tiger because they saw Aladin? um no.. why would you buy your child a live animal just because they saw a movie. Pet sit, even foster an animal from rescue or shelter to get a feel of it, most likely your kid will not be interested any longer at the end of it and will be on the next thing.

I’m sorry if this is a bit ranty but this is a sore spot.


Obama…”green” white house November 28, 2008

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I was reading in the paper today about Obama wanting to make the white house “green”!! YAY!  Seriously if we talk and talk about making a healthier place to live, the President should have been the first to jump on board and do what he can around him, starting with where he lives. The interviewer asked a question like “so will you be going around at night turning off lights?”, now why not, if that is his choice then why not? It saves energy. Just because he’s the president doesn’t mean he can and should waste whatever he wants whereever he can.

I know here we make sure everything is only plugged into a socket when it needs to be used. No Ghost engergy suckers in this house! If it saves engergy, makes the world a little healthier and saves money than go for it. The even tiniest steps add up.

So I give kudos to Obama, I just hope it goes through.


YAY! NO McCain-Palin!! November 5, 2008

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So this was my first time voting. I never liked politics, well actually I hated them and I still do.  Last night as I stood in line for 2 hours to vote, with my feet killing me and me having to pee, by the time I actually got to a booth  I knew who I was going to vote for and who I wasn’t.

I voted for a liberal underdog, Bob Barr. The tough things was though knowing how close it’d be here in my state if I should vote for Obama-Biden since there was absolutely no way I’d vote for McCain-Palin( I knew that from the start, especially with Palin behind him). But in the end I choosed what I wanted and just hoped while watching ABC that McCain would not be winning. So YAY!

I asked PUnkyroo while I was nursing her in bed who she thought would win Obama or McCain, even thought she’s 2 I was curious to what she’d say, and what do you know…Obama!