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Vegan ribs!! March 9, 2009

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The other day I was looking around the interent for new recipe ideas and I remembered seeing Your Vegan Mom blog featured in Vegetarian Times Magazine. While I was looking around I came across one post about a bbq and vegan ribs. “WHAT vegan ribs?!!! I HAVE to try these!” As I was reading the recipe from the creator,Fat Free Vegan, of these magnificin vegan ribz I realized I had everything to make them.

So Pizza and ribz it was for dinner, this way is Hubby doesn’t approve then he still gets his wonderful pizza and dinner wont be a bust. These ribz were SOOO easy to make, it’s the first time I baked seitan. I didn’t have any liquid smoke but it was still so yummy. Oh also I used a foreman, I think it might be better stick with a grill on this since my BBQ sauce kept carmalizing and cleaning the foreman is a pain, it’s right up there with dusting for me.hehe. These taste so much like the meat version it’s scary! Punkyroo and I had a few bites of testing before Hubby got home. She LOVED these! These will definelty be made again, especially for all my hunting/meat lover family members.

I do have a picture but I havn’t uploaded it to the computer yet, these are just too good I had to share right away, but I’ll add my pict was it’s uploaded, but Fat Free Vegan’s picts will definetly have you drooling.


If first you don’t succeed December 14, 2008

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Try again, maybe a different way. I tried Vegan with a Vegance’s Seitan (good) Jerk Seitan (not so good). It may be our taste buds but none of us liked it. So I had all this seitan left over and so I figured I’d just try cooking it in the pan plain in “cutlet” shape and it worked Hubby, Punkyroo and I ate it all, which was good since we had 5 chunks of it leftover after the Jerk Seitan recipe. Every day or so Punkyroo will ask for “seeeteen”, it’s so cute.

Jerk Seitan

But I just sliced it very thin and cooked it on a med-high heat on both sides until it was browned on both sides.

Seitan Cutlets


What is Chicken Fried Steak? October 17, 2008

The Liberal Vegan posted her recipe for a Vegan version of Chicken Fried Steak, . I havn’t had Chicken Fried Steak in years and it sounded sooo good to be able to make it Vegan. This got a thumbs up from Punkyroo and Hubby. I did alter the gravy recipe due to not making it out to get Richs Cream Rich so I used Soy Milk instead and it turned out really good, I did have to end up adding little extra flour to thicken it up a bit. But this was sooooo good that it made it to Hubby’s “make again” list! The even better thing is that with how much cutlets the recipe made and being the 3 of us, it was 3 nights of dinner! I made this with baked potatoes and fresh grean beans boiled.

But my question still lingers, why in the world was this dish named Chicken Fried Steak? I understand the Chicken part (in the orignial version) but huh? With Punkyroo I knew it’d be confusing so for know we jsut called it “dinner” or “food” ,haha! This ended up one of those stupid-silly debates/conversations with Hubby and I, we got alot of laughs in though.