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Vegan Reuben!! December 11, 2008

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YAY!!! I’m so excited to shout out that I found a yummy vegan Reuben sandwich!! This is another recipe from the The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook. Punkyroo chowed down also. I love it, she has the taste buds as I do, it’s true whatever the mom eats prego the baby will grow buds for it as well, which is great since Hubby snubs alot :sushi,seurkraut, mushrooms, olives, onions (she’ll eat them raw!) . So needless to say Hubby did not partake in this eating session. 

Vegan Reuben


New Cookbook and a Beanball Sub November 29, 2008

While searching around for another cookbook to check out I came across The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook. This has a bunch of yummy sounding recipes in it!

Beanball sub

I recently tried the Beanball sub and it was yummy. I do have to state though that all the “meat” ball recipes I’ve tried havn’t kept shape and became firm. Don’t know if its how it’s supposed to be or if I’m doing something wrong but these are the only ones that have kept shape BUT didn’t get firm.

This sub was very yummy though and I will still make them again.