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Achoo!! Sorry so long had to dust this baby ;) August 17, 2011

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WOW wow wow!! So I never intended to drop off the face of my blog, you know happens. SO what’s new, yeesh, were to begin!!
We still unschool, found a wonderful group of homeschoolers that are so supportive and laid back. We try to do as much organic as we can but with economy it’s very hard especially since Hubby he does tile. We foster when we can, which brings up a new thing… our oldest bunny passes away a few months back 😦 Very heart broken, Punkyroo walked around with her stuffed bunny pretened it was Mr.B..we’ll always miss him.
Some for sure new thing are… I’ve become a licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor in November and recently just got licensed to teach Zumbatomic (for kids ages 4-12) and Zumba Toning. I absolutely love it, and it’s wonderful in allowing me to work anytime and have Punkyroo with me. Punkyroo asbolutely loves me teahing Zumba, she loves practicing my routines with me and always showing off to family or friends her moves. hehe, too cute.

Also started making tutus, bows but mostly sculpted hair bows and recycled pop tab bracelets (which my friend and partner makes the bracelets). I helped her make a tutu like one I made for Punkyroo a long time ago and she suggested to make and sell them. So at a homeschool craft sale day I made and brought a couple and they all sold, I was so excited. So my friend and I brought our noggins in and decided to try and try and start selling these. She’s an amazing knitter and croucher so she makes the bracelets and tutus with meand I do tutus and bows 🙂 It’s nice since doing a big order we’ll get together and our girls will play. It is pretty awesome when that friend is also a vegan homechooler with a kid close in the same age! Seriously how awesome right?! and the odds, crazy!

So on the Unschooling front Punkyroo is doing awesome! She’s reading now and it’s so amazing to watch the process. 5 years old now and she’s reading and all on her own desire. We worked with letters and sounds and always read to her. Then one day it was “mommy I want to read to you too, I do a page and you do the other, we’ll take turns” and it’s been great. It was like that with adding too. Money was a wee bit harder for her but is a toughie remembering 1 item represents more than 1. We will def stay on our unschooling road. Granted there’s days when with almost anyone not in a school setting wonders if it’s enough or good enough etc but usually that passes when I see how happy and how much she’s developing by passion and curiousity.

So I’m hoping to dust off this baby and get back to it!
To anyone wanting to see the stuff I’ve been making just check out Tied Tutus & Things on facebook at 🙂


Unschooling May 26, 2009

Passion Flower and Gulf Frutillary Butterfly in my backyard

I have to say deciding to unschool was one of the most easiest things choose to do. Yes doing the research and contemplation about it was long but once I took all the info in I knew this was for our family.

A while back I posted unschooling groups for my county all over trying to find atleast one other unschooling parent and I pretty much gave up hope until a mom in my natural mom’s group posted under my unschooling thread on the forums!! She said there are a few that get together at the park every week! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!??? I was looking all over just one spot I didn’t think of to look and there they were!  So we decided to head on down and meet other unschoolers.

Of course I ended up writing the wrong day and the next week something else came up but finally we made it.  Luckily hubby had off and joined us, which I think really helped him. It was so nice all the moms are so nice and the kids are wonderful. The age range was very nice from 5 all the way to the teens! All the kids played, except Punkyroo as cautious as shy is but she still loves watching other kids playing and then playing with us.

Getting to sit down and talk to other moms, especially ones that have been doing it for years and finding out more details about the one last thing I was worried about but not really ….registery with the county, but knowing that I can unschool without having my child stressed out and graded to a system that makes no sense is such a weight of my shoulders. 

It was so cute though another unschooling family walked up and the boy was so excited to play with the other kids but also to see the other parents!! He ran over and started stalking to the parents and then off to play! It was so nice to see how the children and adults interacted. The whole time I was there I felt at ease, that this is part of me and who I am and who my family is.

On another Unschooling note….Dayna Martin has a book coming out!!! Yay!!  Radical Unschooling-A Revolution Has Begun…. what an awesome title!  I can’t wait!