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Flying first time since married and this is my luck March 3, 2009

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It’s been a crazy while around the house lately. I recently just got back from a longer than intended weekend in Michigan visiting family but mainly to see my grandparents in Hospice. Yep it was the first time away from my husband more then a normal day since we moved in together almost 5 years ago and of course the first time away from Punkyroo since she’s been born so it was interesting. Relaxing to get time from major responsibilities but I was wanting to get back to my family.

BUT, of course there’s a but…out of flying 2x a year form Florida to Michigan and back from age 10-18 I never had any airline troubles until of course now. I was first late for my flight, I seriously watched my plane pull away from the gate as the tram just got to the end, then I didn’t know I was on standby until I went to the gate desk, luckily I got it. Then I was told I was on standby again in Atlanta (my connection) just to be stressed out more and then told “oh no you’re not on standby”…4 hours of waiting stress for nothing.  So my original depature was at 7am with a connection wait of 45min and arrival at 11am, which turned into departing at 9am connection wait of 4 hours and arriving at 6-something pm! I wanted to make the most of the Friday-Sunday I’ll be there since I havn’t seen my sisters and stepmom since my wedding and dad since Punkyroo was 8months old. But the good thing about such a layover in Atlanta was enough time to go to Level to Level looking for a place to have something Vegan…Panda Express- Eggplant Tofu, steamed veggies and veggie srping rolls! Yum! Oh and a smoothie from a smootie stand!

Now on my way back I was ready to get back to Hubby and Punkyroo but what happens when I arrive at the airport?…. My flight was canceled due to snow storm in Atlanta!! So Monday morning I leave out, luckily they put me on a non-stop flight! But this made Hubby have to take another day off work. Oh and toppers, they told me because so many lfights were canceled to get there at 5:30am to get through the long lines to make my 7am flight and remind you this is a private airport I came and left in Michigan, so we get there at 5:30am and there was less people traffic than the night before!! Man I could have got 2 exta hours of sleep! But it did give me more time to talk to my dad before I left since Sunday was race day and good luck getting his attention or response from him then!lol.

Other than that stuff it was a good trip considering the reason I was mainly there. Atleast I was able to say goodbye to my grandparents before they passed.