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I’m back February 6, 2009

Ok, so after a week of vaca and then getting back and a week of being sick I’m back!

We had a wonderful time in North Carolina, we stayed at this beautiful house, Eagle’s Nest-Eagle’s Lair, up on the mountains. Punkyroo got such a kick that tons of ladybugs were everywhere in the house. Don’t freak out, that’s the only bugs that were in the house. But we would collect as many as possible and release them outside and then a few hours later there’d be more, so she called it Lady Bug House and wants to go back she reminds us! It was also great finding a lodge to stay at in the mountains that wasn’t decorated with hunting or fishing stuff!

And a great topper was a well known cafe that specifically labels meals that are vegetarian AND VEGAN 10 minutes away, Lulu’s Cafe, it was great to have a take out menu to an vegetarian/vegan likings!! Bonus!! Although we didn’t go since we made our dinners but having that menu in the house and available was very nice.

It was a wonderful stay. The Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, Ripley’s Aquarium, Snow Tubing and SNOW BOARDING!! Oh yeah! After 4 years of no boarding I did really well and it was great to finally show Hubby in person myself boarding and Punkyroo was all excited and proud which made me feel really good. But it was a wonderful time, Hubby needed the vaca bad so that was nice to finally see him relax, since he works alot of weekends.

So I’ll get back to sharing recipes again soon, gave me time to try out some new ones, yummmm..

But one last thing, my last post was about the BNKC’s meeting….WE WON. All the commisioner’s voted YES!! Feb. 3rd was a wonderful turning point for the animals at the shelters. It wont happen over night of course but hopefully in 5 years we will be there!