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Another “meat”ball try December 13, 2008

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So I’ve probably tried about 5 vegan meatball recipes by now and some have tasted good but just didn’t hold or just plan was gross but these are the best we’ve made so far. The taste and holding of these are good. All of us ate them up and 3 thumbs up.

This recipe is “neat”balls from Vegetarian Times magazine. I just put them with some spaghetti sauce and some cooked spiral noodles that I added fresh spinch to the pot while boiling and Voila! To be honest, this is our Thanksgiving dinner! We are thankful everyday so we don’t really concentrate on a big meal since only family close by don’t celebrate holidays due to religion. I wasn’t up to challenge a tofurky recipe as of that time anyways.

Neat balls


Bowties, Homemade sauce and Tempeh Balls October 31, 2008

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I had to try Vegan Dad’s Italian Meatball recipe. I have to first state that I accidently started to add 1of the tbs of oil to the mix before I re-read and noticed it didn’t call for it in the mixture but just to be cooked in it! I also call them Tempeh Balls since it jsut felt weird calling them Meatballs.

So that said these were kind of mushy. The taste was good but I think it’d be alot better if they were to exact recipe. It almost tasted like a meatloaf, due to the extra moistness from the oil they didn’t keep their shaped while being brown and when stored in a container overnight they combine into a super “meat”ball blob. I just added some extra BBQ sauce to dip it in and it was yummy but Punkyroo and Hubby didn’t like these.

But as far as the homemade tomatoe sauce went, it was good. Honestly I couldn’t even remember what all I put in and definelty how much since it was a eye ball and tast test type of thing.  But I will try and tell you what was in it…

Homemade Tomatoe sauce:

  • 1 large can of diced tomatoes
  • garlic powder
  • thyme
  • parsley
  • oregano
  • onion salt
  • a splash of vinegar
  • rubbed sage
  • rosemary

Combined in a pot and heated through. Pour over cooked noodles and chopped spinach and YUM!


If you can’t tell I was in the process of transferring all my spices into another cabinet since my “spice library” was getting to big for the spot they were in.