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Let’s add vegies to bread! January 3, 2009

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I really like zucchini, I can’t say love because broccoli is the veggie that wins that spot for me but zucchini is next. My dad would grow it and my step mom would cook with it and one thing is zucchini bread. I’ve never had it since I was never there during the harvesting time, but I was curious.

Well with the VEgan Planet cookbook the recipe is in there and Tahini Zucchini Bread one to be exact. This was soooo yummy and worth all the time to make it and be gone by the end of the day!

Tahini Zucchini Bread

Punkyroo and Hubby gobbled it down, with also help from me! I’m a crispy crust person when it comes to fresh baked bread. I definelty recommend this book! Ohh so many yummy recipes!

For dinner tonight I did a breakfast dinner night with Flax-berry Pancakes and the Vegetable Skillet hash from the book and ahhh soo yummy.  I wish we had good farmers markets over here, pretty much its the grocery store just outside. I thought Farmer’s Markets where grown locally but there are out of state stickers (even some out of country) on produce! So sad to say I don’t do farmer’s markets for produce except for Tomatoes when they are the only thing from Florida and that’s if they carry them. It’s funny since I’m in a area that’s so diverse Suburban, Urban and Country just mintues away from each other. But the Country side, there are lots of farmers and I don’t understand why they aren’t out there selling their produce. But for the day to be able to buy actually locally grown produce will be wonderful! (Until we get our gardening knowledge down).


Catch Up December 30, 2008

With having Hubby home for almost a week due to the holidays I’ve put my blog on the back burner. But here is a quick catch up of a couple dishes I’ve made lately….

Spicy Zucchini Noodles

Gingerbread Men

Veggie Burger Kebobs 

Tofu Egg(less)rolls

Quoina with Curried Peas and Potatoes

Italian Rotoni with Chickpeas


Also no picts uploaded yet but I have been testing out some recipes from Vegan Planet and love them! Ahh the banana pancakes are soooo good! I think this is my fav vegan cookbook so far.

I also checked out Vegan Freak and read that so fast I was shocked, I usually take my time reading books but this one made me want to know everything it offered asap. Althought Hubby would of rather me not of read it since after a couple chapters I ran around the house reading all the labels and doing a Vegan purge. I have done one for the obvious food and such but not in the personal care items like shampoo, shaving cream and what not so he was upset to come home and see the counter covered with stuff for me to get rid of. I ended up putting them in our garage sale since th eco-side of me didn’t want to throw it away and end in the landfill. I had to make a few calls to verify the glycerin in some since I thought some were vegie base but didn’t say on the ingredients but sure enough I called or went online to their websites and there it was (yay, I liked my newly found eco-friendly hand soap!).

But I told Hubby “atleast there’s nothing left to purge!”.